Slope 2 Unblocked

While playing the Slope game , you control the green ball with the "A, D", "Q, D" and right-left arrow keys on the computer, and by clicking on the right and left sides of the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets.
It consists of a black ground consisting of fixed or moving red blocks and green lines on the track.
When you hit the red blocks, your speed decreases and you fall down by losing the balance of the ball.

The track consists of paths made of narrow striped blocks. These blocks are sometimes placed straight and sometimes trapezoidal. There are gaps between the blocks.
In order not to fall down the cliffs while in the air, you need to land on the next block. When you go out of the track, you fall off the cliff and get burned.
You can follow every distance you have traveled from the indicator at the top of the screen. If you fall down, you continue to play the slope game by respawning a little behind where you left off.